We are coaching and mentoring experts who work globally with organisations and individuals to harness the transformative power of coaching and mentoring in pursuit of your strategic goals and purpose.

You may want to improve the performance and maximise the potential of individuals and teams in your organisations or you may wish to develop your own coaching and mentoring skills to pursue a new career. Regardless of your goal, we can work with you by:

  • Developing you or your team's coaching and mentoring skills
  • Providing coaches and mentors for individuals and teams
  • Sharing expertise to help your organisation develop a more effective coaching and mentoring strategy¬†
  • Supervising your practice to enhance your capability as a coach and mentor

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Some nice words

What makes them special is still intact and ever fresh - a mix of the academic, theoretical and exploratory with the practical, grounded and pragmatic; always on the margins of your comfort zone and yet always safe; the authentic offer of a collaborative journey of discovery rather than a series of teacher-pupil interactions. An organisation that walks the walk and lives what it advocates.

David Harris, Deputy Director of HROP, Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, April 2014