Growing or attracting great talent for your key roles takes time, effort and investment. It’s more than disappointing when the transition fails to deliver on its promise. And it can undermine the career of talented leaders.

Our coach-mentoring is always situational.  Every transition has its own challenges and opportunities, but whether new to the organisation or only new to the role, leaders will perform better, more quickly and avoid some of the pitfalls that can undermine them in those crucial first weeks by focussing on:

  • Understanding their new environment, particularly the cultural and political dimensions
  • Understanding the links between their goals and objectives and the wider organisation’s strategy
  • Establishing relationships
  • Managing uncertainty and change created by the transition
  • Understanding and managing expectations of key stakeholders
  • Managing themselves and the impact of their leadership style, especially when their approach is very different to their predecessor’s or to the prevailing culture.

Our coach-mentors bring a mix of appreciative support and challenge to make transitions more rewarding, and maximise return from your investment in talent.

Expand or collapse meA typical Transition Coaching Coach-Mentoring programme

The majority of our clients at this level contract for a 6 to 9 month programme. Goals are set and reviewed in a 3 way process with the new line manager or a sponsor, and we frequently add in a “feedforward” after 3 to 4 months in role. 

This is a structured process that we use to check on impact – ensuring that any mismatch is dealt with swiftly, before unhelpful perceptions and dynamics are solidified.

Meetings are usually a mix of face to face and virtual coaching to suit the programme and the preferences of the client and their organisation. 

What is "feedforward"?

Feedforward is an integral part of The OCM’s coaching approach, designed to enable our clients to gather and amplify insight into their impact on their environment.

Specifically we explore their current impact as a leader; the strengths that they need to invest and build on, their potential for improvement, and their greatest opportunities to add to their success, to the success of their team and to the success of their organisation.

The individual client, together with their coach, will identify from 6 to 10 stakeholders to provide input for the feedforward. This will almost certainly include their manager, members of their team and key peers or clients.

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