The OCM’s Team Coach-Mentors provide a powerful partnership with the team and the team leader to effectively deliver success for the individuals, the team and their organisation.

The benefit of bringing a group of high performing experts together in a team is to create value, encourage innovation and improve performance above and beyond the individual team members alone.  Team coaching supports the leader to do this in all areas of team engagement, strategy and collaboration, balancing the day-to-day deliverables with the need to transform. 

Teams face many diverse challenges, from how to integrate new team members or address interpersonal conflict, to setting-up a new team to meet stretching targets. These can often be highly stressful periods for a team that drives down productivity and leaves the team and the team leader frustrated and unsure where to go to get help.

With our team coach-mentoring approach we partner with the team and the leader to build confidence, knowledge and awareness to leave the team stronger, more capable and not reliant on us.

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