We offer a wide variety of tools and approaches to ensure that our coaching delivers on your expectations, is effective in your particular context and meets your unique needs.  We are always looking to offer the most cost-efficient solutions to you through a variety of delivery options.

Expand or collapse meTools to develop greater self-awareness and empathy

When working with individuals or teams we catalyse greater self-awareness, deeper understanding of others, and clearer insight into the impact you have.  In many cases we work with existing psychometric, 360 and performance appraisal feedback, but where it is helpful and effective we can incorporate gathering information and providing feedback into your coaching programme.  In particular for senior teams and leaders we recommend using a 'feedforward' approach.

For teams psychometrics provide a useful frame for exploring similarities and diversity, and their implications for team effectiveness.  In particular we recommend MBTI or Facet 5 / Teamscape as both provide easily understood,  well founded insights with an emphasis on the strengths and risks of every personality type and preference.  We can also work with a variety of cultural frameworks and values inventories to help cross cultural or cross functional teams understand and work with the impact of differing assumptions and values.

Our team are accredited to use a wide variety of tools, so that we can work with what works for you.

Expand or collapse meCoach-Mentoring Approaches that fit your purpose and context.

When you think of coaching and mentoring what is it you have in mind?  For many the answer will be performance coaching, working with a manager or external coach to close identified gaps in performance against expectations or to achieve development goals.  Our team can bring to you a much wider and deeper range of methodologies and approaches, which allows us to respond flexibly in response to your needs and context.

In particular we find that the complex, ambiguous and rapidly shifting worlds that our clients work in draw us to use systemic coaching based on constellations approaches. And appreciative, solutions focussed approaches, informed by recent developments in neuroscience, are often most effective in supporting leaders making transformational change that requires creative responses to develop new habits of mind.

Our team of professional coach-mentors have real experience and can offer flexibility of approach across the range from non-directive coaching to mentoring.  We would be happy to talk to you about what your unique needs are and how we can bring you the right resources, in the right way.


Expand or collapse meEffective solutions that deliver the greatest return on your investment

The ‘traditional’ coaching solution is a series of face to face meetings, on clients’ sites, organised to fit the clients’ agenda and preferences.  That isn’t always the most effective solution for your needs and we will often work with you to develop coaching solutions in a different environment or form.

Examples include:

Remote Coaching – our coach mentors are very experienced at working over phone or video links, including Skype.  This is often essential for clients with extensive travel schedules and allows us to work with teams that are spread across the world without incurring unnecessary costs.  It is often a good solution where a client would benefit most from regular, shorter coaching contact.

Embedded Coaching – in some clients we have found it most efficient to ‘embed’ coaches for whole days at their sites.  This is particularly appropriate where a client has a whole team, or a number of individuals that would benefit from coach-mentoring, or leaders who would benefit from the opportunity for structured, reflective space with a coach on a ‘drop in as needed’ basis. As well as offering cost savings this approach allows coach-mentors to rapidly build deep connection and understanding of the organisation’s culture, making them more effective in their coaching work and in gathering organisational learning.

Coaching while walking – where leaders are developing a new frame of mind, addressing deeply seated assumptions or fears the office environment can create a barrier to progress.  We find that ‘coaching whilst walking’ whether that is in the countryside or in the galleries of the Tate Modern can provide a catalyst for seeing the world, and ourselves anew.  

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