Cathy White

Meet our specialist:

Cathy White:

Programme Support

Responsibilities: I support candidates and delegates during their programme, its a bit like having a your own personal helpdesk when you enrol on a qualification or development programme. In general, I keep the online learning materials up-to-date, identify improvements, implement changes and organise candidates’ assessments to ensure everything online always runs smoothly. If you're currently working towards a qualification with us, or have already graduated, then we've probably already been in contact with each other – and if you’re visiting this site for the first time, then I hope to be able to assist you when you enrol.

When I’m not at work: I love weekends with family and friends, getting out and about to experience all the benefits of where I live in Brighton. I’m trying to increase my fitness, and currently spend a few hours a week jumping around in zumba and cycling in spin classes, which also doubles to satisfy my love of dance music! Also, I’ve just joined a film group for the first time.