Our international team of professional and experienced coach-mentors support the performance and development of resilient, authentic leaders in the UK, Europe Russia and Asia.  The OCM Coach-Mentors have catalysed and enabled sustainable change for our clients across sectors from FMCG to IT, Public Health to Finance.

Today’s complex, interconnected, fast moving, ambiguous organisation needs leaders who inspire trust and engage their teams, managing themselves and others with skill and insight.  It needs teams that rapidly and gracefully adapt to change, supporting team members’ performance and development.

Each leader, team and organisation is unique and the most effective mix of coaching styles, tools and positions will be individual to them. At The OCM, we want to have a transformational impact on the individuals we coach and mentor.  But we also want to have an impact beyond the individual we’re coaching. We want to bring in a broad, strategic focus to the coaching, helping individuals to effect change and collaborate with others to solve broader strategic challenges.

We call this “Situational Coach-Mentoring”.  

Situational coach-mentoring takes a special kind of person.  Our coach-mentors have three core sets of skills which they bring to their work:

Coaching/ mentoring experience: Our coach-mentors have a tremendous track record.  They are highly qualified and have worked with a wide range of people and a wide range of issues.  They know that there’s always more for them to learn so they have a strong commitment to continuous professional development and a keen insight into their own strengths and weaknesses.

Business acumen: They have had experience in business leadership at a senior level, as well as fluency with company financials and experience of setting company strategy.  They have had experience of leading through change and of driving growth.  This enables them to understand their client’s situation and the wider organisations that they are serving.

Interpersonal insight: They have a deep understanding of others, and can understand and relate to a wide range of different personality types.  They have insight into organisational dynamics and politics, and know how to influence and manage stakeholders.

Our coach-mentors are not only credible, experienced and knowledgeable but work flexibly and effectively providing as needed:

  • Non-directive coaching as well as experience-based mentoring
  • Effective challenge as well as constructive support
  • Deep reflection and a focus on creating real changes in impact.

We select and manage our coaching team carefully to ensure that we offer a wide variety of coaches, working in a range of languages, offering differing leadership experience and backgrounds.  All of our team share The OCM’s pragmatic philosophy and take a systemic, solutions-focussed approach. 

Team Coaching

The OCM’s Team Coach-Mentors provide a powerful partnership with the team and the team leader to effectively deliver success for the individuals, the team and their organisation.

The benefit of bringing a group of high performing experts together in a team is to create value, encourage innovation and improve performance above and beyond the individual team members alone.  Team coaching supports the leader to do this in all areas of team engagement, strategy and collaboration, balancing day-to-day deliverables with the need to grow and develop. 

Teams face many diverse challenges from how to integrate new team members or address interpersonal conflict, to setting-up a new team to meet stretching targets.  These can create highly stressful periods for a team that drive down productivity, leaving the team leader and team members frustrated and unsure how to create greater resilience.

Our Coach-Mentors partner with the team and the leader to build confidence, knowledge and awareness,  meeting current challenges and leaving the team stronger, more capable for the future.

 A typical team coaching agreement could contain elements of any or all of the following as depicted in our Team Coach-Mentor Model:

Team Direction – provide clarity, focus and commitment to the goals and objectives of the team

Team Awareness – increase understanding of the team dynamics and individual team members, how they perform and behave together within the wider system/organisation

Group Learning - develop problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills facilitated to include feedback and interaction with all team members

Team Development - learn how to make decisions and take actions that will lead to better efficiency, productivity and quality of work life

Personal Development – expand self-awareness, knowledge and improve individual personal skills

Team Leadership Coach-Mentoring – provide perspective, insight, expertise and experience to challenge and support the team leader

Featured case study

Teaming: how teams learn and adapt to foster creativity and performance

Our Head of team Coaching, Jackie Elliot, explores how team coach-mentoring needs to adapt to the changing nature of organisational teams.

Executive and team coaching offerings

Team Coaching - 6th June, 11th October 2018, 12 February 2019

This CPD workshop will be delivered in London or Oxford. You can attend this workshop as part of a rolling programme, EIA development or general CPD for coaches, mentors and supervisors.

Team Coach Mentoring for Professional Practitioners

This programme is best suited for experienced coaches and team leaders who wish to provide their working practice with a practical understanding of teams and team coach-mentoring.

Team Coaching Services

Our team coaches work with teams and groups to maximise their performance and realise their potential.

Board Level and Senior Leaders

Our most experienced and senior coach-mentors provide a safe and confidential coach-mentoring relationship that delivers both robust support and credible challenge for leaders at Board level, or heading up major operational and functional areas.

Executive Level Coaching and Mentoring

OCM provides trusted and credible coach-mentors who support and challenge executives to realise their unique leadership purpose and presence, providing both performance improvement and an increased potential for success.

Hi-Potential Coaching

Our coaches can be a key component in the development mix for your key talent, helping them to consolidate their learning, avoid the ‘bear traps’ and make the most of their unique strengths.

Transition Coaching

Transition coaching supports new managers in the first 3 to 6 months, catalysing learning, and giving them the best chance of success in their new role.

Designer Coaching

We offer a wide variety of tools and approaches to ensure that our coaching delivers on your expectations, is effective in your particular context and meets your unique needs.