Choosing the right course in this market can be difficult but choosing to qualify with us doesn't have to be. 

As a founder member of the EMCC, we've accredited most of our programmes with them so the chances are you can find the right level of course for you, whether you want to develop advanced skills or you're a leader who wants to use a coaching approach with their team. Since 2004 we've been the only partner for the CIPD delivering their coaching and mentoring qualifications, so you know you'll be in safe hands. You'll be joining an active community of many thousands of OCM Alumni who have successfully trained with us over the years.

What makes us different?

For us, really great coaches and mentors tend to combine excellent core skills with intuitive people insight and business acumen. Whilst we can't necessarily develop your business acumen, all our courses are specifically designed to help you with the first two. Here are three areas that we think make our courses different to our competitors:

1) Our coach-mentoring philosophy - we believe that to have the greatest impact, you should develop a coach-mentoring approach whereby you can adjust your style with skill to support the person you are working with regardless of their situation or context. We think a purely non-directive coaching approach and mindset can be limiting in certain contexts. For example, much in the same way you wouldn't coach someone out of a burning building, you shouldn't necessarily rely on one approach. As such, we believe the most effective coach-mentors not only master the core skills but also develop a wide range of tools, techniques and approaches to allow them to be effective in multiple situations and contexts. Our courses will help you develop this coach-mentoring mindset and the diverse skills required to be highly effective.

2) High levels of 1-2-1 support - we provide you with your own dedicated coach-mentor supervisor (CMS) to guide you through the qualification, consolidate your learning and help shape your practice. Unlike our competitors who mostly rely on group work, this dedicated personal resource ensures that you are stretched and supported in equal measures. We provide this on top of group work, it's expensive but it’s highly effective.

3) Create your own unique approach - we don't create "cookie cutter" coaches or mentors, you are a not just another delegate on a course! Instead, guided by our philosophy and 1-2-1 support, we help you to develop your own unique approach to coach-mentoring that is authentic to you, your situation and your context. Yes, our graduates hold common beliefs - a strong ethically underpinning, common process tools to manage relationships effectively, a strong belief in CPD and supervision - and our programmes do have core content to develop the required skills at each level but they are also flexible enough to encourage you to develop your own interests and insights. Furthermore, our coach-mentor supervisors are highly experienced at guiding you through your own learning journey whilst maintaining you on course to successfully complete the requirements of the qualification .

Want to know more? 

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Featured case study

Getting & Maintaining Senior Sponsorship for Coaching & Mentoring

Here are tips from 3 chapters of the third edition of Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance for getting the buy in and visible support of senior leaders in your organisation

Courses offerings

Embodied Mindfulness: Developing Stability and Sensitivity for improved Coach-Mentor interactions

If you have attended our conferences in the last few years will have met, and potentially worked with, Ben Cox. We have organised with Ben to run a weekend retreat in Oxford for coaches, mentors and coach-mentors to work further on embodied mindful

EMCC Senior Practitioner European Quality Award (EQA) Accreditation

We offer a bespoke EMCC European Quality Award at Senior Practitioner Level for those who wish to create a tailored learning experience. It's called our Advanced Diploma in Professional Coach-mentoring.

Certificate in Professional Coach-mentoring

This is a new, 75 hr EMCC Foundation level Certificate designed for those who wish to formalise their coaching practice and achieve a recognised qualification.

Team Coaching - 6th June, 11th October 2018, 12 February 2019

This CPD workshop will be delivered in London or Oxford. You can attend this workshop as part of a rolling programme, EIA development or general CPD for coaches, mentors and supervisors.

Team Coach Mentoring for Professional Practitioners

This programme is best suited for experienced coaches and team leaders who wish to provide their working practice with a practical understanding of teams and team coach-mentoring.

ELECTRIC Coaching™ - Everyday Coaching Skills Programme

This programme is ideal for you if you really want to understand how you can use coaching skills in your existing role. It's an accredited coaching skills course for leaders, managers, project leads, HR professionals and aspiring coaches.

Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring

This is our brand new flexible 180 hour, EMCC Practitioner level programme for internal and independent coaches. It allows candidates to choose when they start, what approach they take and what content they focus on.

Distance Learning Certificate in Coach-Mentoring

A 50 hour, 6 month, distance learning programme that will develop the core skills, tools and techniques of effective coach-mentoring, ideal for internal specialists or those new to coaching and mentoring. Accredited by the EMCC at Foundation Level

Distance Learning Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring

A 150 hour, 7 month programme that will develop a wide range of tools, techniques and approach to act as a professional coach-mentor in a variety of situations and contexts. Accredited by the EMCC at Practitioner Level.

Eric Parsloe Scholarship in Professional Coach-mentoring.

An opportunity to win a Scholarship to train with The OCM. Application criteria and process applies, successful candidates win place on OCM Diploma in Coach-mentoring. Next intake March 2018.