We have a number of local and/or national organisations that we support either directly through fund raising activities at the various events we run, or indirectly by providing pro bono work. These include:

Expand or collapse meThe Mulberry Bush Organisation

Their vision is to transform troubled lives together with care, insight and influence. By improving the life chances and social inclusion of traumatised children and young people, they create a long-term benefit to society by reducing their anti-social behaviour and its impact on families, schools and communities. Their work is a cost effective early intervention to interrupt the otherwise destructive inter-generational cycles of deprivation and abuse. The Mulberry Bush is based in Witney, Oxfordshire.


Expand or collapse mePrisoners' Education Trust

Aim to extend and enrich the range of education and training available to people in prison and to promote the importance of education and training in the successful resettlement of offenders once they are released.



Expand or collapse meBritish Neurological Research Trust (UK Stem Cell Foundation)

Established in 1987 to support the research of Professor Raisman’s team at the Spinal Repair Unit of the UCL Institute of Neurology whose exhaustive scientific research aims to find a method of repairing damage to the brain and spinal cord in patients suffering from the crippling effects of spinal cord injury, birth injuries, strokes, head injuries, multiple sclerosis and degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Our MD Ed Parsloe became personally involved with the BNRT following a tragic accident of a close friend in 2006; he has thus far raised over £50,000 in support of their research.