As an organisation which supports other organisations to navigate uncertainty and change we are noticing a worrying trend. When there is uncertainty, flux or change instead of following through on previously signed off coaching and mentoring initiatives, organisations are pressing the pause button. It would appear uncertainty is creating another issue that is increasing in prevalence - a form of paralysis or doubt in continuing to advance, invest and develop people.

This isn’t good on a number of levels least of all for the employees in organisations who need and want to be developed! We would argue that regardless of the change that is occurring, people still need to be developed. It’s one way organisations can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract and retain their talent. As we know, for coaching and mentoring initiatives to be successful and impactful they should be aligned to whatever is needed to deliver the strategic objectives of the organisation. Therefore pressing the pause button on an initiative designed to support strategic objectives can have many implications for the future growth and development of the organisation.

Why is this happening?

The only real explanation is that people’s perception of change usually equates to negative outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations rather than representing something positive. Therefore any initiatives or programmes deemed as positive are placed on hold in this climate because “it’s not the right time to be doing this or launching that initiative”.

Actually we beg to differ. Rather than get in the way, coaching and mentoring can play a critical role in supporting and challenging individuals, teams and the wider organisation to manage change more effectively. This knee-jerk reaction of pressing pause has become many organisations' default response to change. Change is the new constant which is why coach-mentoring should be the new constant, in everyday conversations in the workplace. We want to challenge organisations to think differently so that in times of change they keep going.

We support organisations with the many different types of changes and transitions that they and their employees face - here are just some of the different types of transitions we are currently providing our clients with:

Maternity coaching – support for those individuals about to go off and/or return from a period of parental leave. This is a great way to ensure the retention of your parental talent within your organisation, particularly female talent that we know so many organisations struggle to retain after periods of leave. Our package of maternity coaching provides support before, during and after any type of parental leave.

Transitions coaching – support for those individuals transferring from one part of the organisation to another, or to a more senior role within the same organisation (management to leadership), or who are joining the organisation from outside. Our transitions coaching provides support for resilience during transition, and focuses the client on their transition plan to leave a current role well (if appropriate) and to ‘join’ their new team well, decreasing the risk of transition failure and increasing the speed at which a new leader performs in their new role.

Mentoring for graduates – as more organisations are focusing on bringing new talent into the workplace they want to successfully on-board and support them. Providing mentoring for graduates is a great way to do this by matching them with someone in the organisation who can help them navigate their way around the company and hit the ground running. Organisations who invest in graduate schemes spend a lot of money on bringing the right future talent into the business so it’s imperative they are supported from day one.

Contact The OCM to find out how we can help you to continue to press the play and NOT the pause button with your coach-mentoring initiatives during times of change.

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