We know that good coaching promotes business performance but we argue that great coaching should also help build capability in individuals and teams to support the future potential of the business.

But what do we mean by future potential?

Future potential is the capacity of an organisation to learn and to constantly adapt to the rapidly changing, complex and increasingly volatile world in which we operate. And to do so whilst continuing to deliver on the business strategy and purpose. One of the best descriptions of this idea is the concept of “Organisational Health” provided by the consultancy firm McKinsey (Keller and Price, 2011).

They describe organisational health as:

The ability of your organisation to align, execute and renew itself faster than your competitors…Organisational health is about adapting to the present and shaping the future faster and better than the competition….Healthy organisation don’t merely learn to adjust themselves to their current context or to challenges that lie just ahead; they create the capacity to learn and keep changing over time.

This is where coaching and mentoring (CAM) can really help. There is no better intervention than CAM to support change, build resilience, promote adaptability and encourage innovation. The challenge for organisations is to focus CAM, working out where the investment will have the greatest impact. You must be clear: “Why are we doing this?” because there’s always barriers to investing in great CAM – lack of time, lack of understanding and resistance to change to name  a few – but if you can show how CAM will drive performance and build the future potential of your organisation, you will win over the doubters.

In summary, great CAM helps leaders to deliver performance, helps achieve the organisation’s strategy and builds the future potential of individuals and the wider organisation. Sometimes all of these can be achieved simultaneously. Sometime there are trade-offs to be made between them.

In today’s uncertain world, there’s never been a more appropriate time to build your organisations health. At The OCM, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure their investment in CAM creates the desired impact on performance, purpose and potential. Often this includes understanding what future potential might look like before aligning it with the wider CAM strategy.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can transform your CAM strategy, please get in touch with our Director Coaching and Consultancy Graham Clark to arrange an initial discussion.

This copy was reproduced from Coaching & Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning & Performance with permission from Kogan Page

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