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Why do coaching and mentoring skills make you a better leader?

The core coaching and mentoring skills of active listening, effective questioning and giving and receiving feedback. They are also at the heart of good leadership. Read his article to learn why its important.

Coaching conversations are the roots of resilient engagement

What is engagement? Organisations invest huge resources into measuring engagement and its drivers but few invest in nurturing the roots of engagement, namely effective coaching conversations by your line manager.

From spark to finish - “ELECTRIC Coaching ™” - a new way to embed a coaching approach

OCM Head of Quality & Design, Alison Williamson, explores a new method of embedding a coaching approach into organisation culture and the benefits that will be realised.

A Personal Learning Journey - Anna Mclean

OCM Alumni and now member of our delivery team, Anna shares here experiences of completing the Advanced Diploma qualification.

Learning Journey by Lucy Braithwaite

Lucy began The OCM Advanced Diploma back in 2010. In this case study Lucy shares her experiences from studying this robust and professional Coach Mentoring qualification.