Showing: Case studies for Executive and team coaching

Teaming: how teams learn and adapt to foster creativity and performance

Our Head of team Coaching, Jackie Elliot, explores how team coach-mentoring needs to adapt to the changing nature of organisational teams.

Do you need a coach?

We are often asked by people whether they would benefit from having a coach and our answer is simple – yes you would! But we would say that wouldn't we? Read this article to find out why you might need a coach.

What makes a good coach?

With so many coaches and mentors in the market, what does it take to stand out from the crowd? The OCM's Graham Clark gives his view on what make a a truly great coach.

Why think strategically about coaching and mentoring?

Learn how you can use coaching and mentoring to enable your workforce to execute business strategy in ways that no other interventions can.

Teams, trust and vulnerability

Our Head of team Coaching Jackie Elliot discusses teams, trust and vulnerability.