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Getting & Maintaining Senior Sponsorship for Coaching & Mentoring

Here are tips from 3 chapters of the third edition of Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance for getting the buy in and visible support of senior leaders in your organisation

How to build a business case

You’ve seen the transformative power that CAM has had on an individual or team and you’re keen to spread that more widely across the organisations but you’re going to need a watertight business case. This article will provide 3 simple tips.

Implementing in the real world - the T-systems story by Jackie Elliott

We all start a new adventure full of hope, anticipation and big dreams but what happens once the initial excitement wears off and it all begins to feel a little, well, normal?

Why do coaching and mentoring skills make you a better leader?

The core coaching and mentoring skills of active listening, effective questioning and giving and receiving feedback. They are also at the heart of good leadership. Read his article to learn why its important.

Coaching conversations are the roots of resilient engagement

What is engagement? Organisations invest huge resources into measuring engagement and its drivers but few invest in nurturing the roots of engagement, namely effective coaching conversations by your line manager.