We've been working with organisations and individuals for a long time now. Over the years, we've developed a lot of expertise and have plenty of stories to share.

In this section you will find lots of short articles, opinion pieces and case studies written by members of our team. We hope you find them interesting and that they help you make coaching and mentoring a success in your organisation.

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Consultancy example - International oil company (FTSE 100)

An example of coaching consultancy where we peer review existing policies and processes to support the creation of new, best practice alternatives.

Consultancy example - UK Retail Group (£5.5 billion sales)

The client has a complex multisite, multi division structure, within which a variety of coaching and mentoring activities, investments and resources have been created.

Pool of coaches provided to an NHS Leadership Academy to support Director and above level clients.

The clients range from Directors to Chief Executive Officers of Trusts. They are first offered coaching through the Leadership Academy’s processes, and the majority of them are facing major changes and challenges in their organisations.

Executive Team Coaching of a European Agency

The Agency faced a change in its purpose from a largely advisory body to an implementing authority, at a time of serious funding cuts across the European Union’s structures.

Delivery of Director level Individual Coaching

This Finance Director is based in the UK however this is part of international organisation. This was a 9 month coaching contract.